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Bo-ok 8 Set lists

Part I of my Melbourne Rock City series. Favourite band’s set lists curated by The Tote’s door bitch (that would be me). Each list was collected on the night, as the generous band members would keep a copy for me. From 6.8.2002 to 27.2.2004, from The Nation Blue to Golden Shower. Fair go for live music.

Laila Marie Costa
Fourword by Bruce Milne
Stallion Publishing
210 x 148mm
Features a pale green cover with hand stamped title and a piece of authentic set list from the content hand stitched on. End page is compiled from the original ‘The Tote’ stamp.
June 2004
ISBN 0-9577473-9-X
First edition of (?) June 2004
Second edition of 30 February 2009
Third edition of 30 June 2017


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